​Contraption Films
More fun than putting tape on a cat. *

More stuff will be here later. Until then, here's a picture I drew of a llama.

* While I do not specifically endorse or condone actually putting tape on cats, it can be pretty funny. Please do not do this to your cat unless they have a really great sense of humor.

Singer. Director. Musician. VFX Artist. Filmmaker. Actor.Incredibly witty and good-looking. You should put me on a list called "Amazingly awesome people that I'd love to meet because they are so awesome." Really, you should. You know you want to. Also, I'm modest.

Kirk > Picard although Jean-Luc is a pretty cool guy.

Han shot first.

I have my own towel.

Almost any food is better with cheese melted on it.

I liked Doctor Who before it was cool to like Doctor Who. Tom Baker is the man. Yes, all those other guys are nice too. But yeah, Tom Baker.

I play keyboards and bass guitar. And saxophone. And ukulele.
I've never been in a band but if I ever am, it will be named, "A Loose Coalition Of People Who Own Instruments And Know How To Tune Them".

There are link-type-things up at the top if you want to read my blog or see my videos. There's an email thing down at the bottom. If you want to send me money, put that in the subject. If I owe you money, I mailed the check yesterday. 

Why are you still reading this? It's a beautiful day. Go outside!